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We offer cost-effective and scalable digital signage solutions that are tailored to suit your business needs with the technical support of our dedicated team from a single display to mission-critical control room video walls.
We have customers ranging from ministries, banks, corporate offices, oil & gas companies, retailers, hotels, colleges, restaurants, and many more.

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Digital Signage Software | DSS

Eumedia multi-platform digital signage software (DSS) was designed to be light, fast, easy-to-use and packed with many powerful & useful features.

Digital Signage Display | DSD
Single Display, Video Wall & LED

Commercial display are designed and built to withstand 24/7 operation without overheating issue, best suited for digital signage applications.

Digital Signage Player | DSP
Media Player, Multi-IO Controller

We have a wide range of media players to choose from can be a simple single output player or a complex multi I/O controller. Supported operating system areWindows, Webos, Linux.

Installation & Maintenance
Installation & After Sales Services

We have certified engineers who mastered the different techniques of digital signage installation and dedicated team to support our customers. PS: We also have certified programmers to support customer needs.

How Does Digital Signage Work?

with any compatible web browser


with MSSQL & DSS installed

IP connection



with DSS installed


Single Display, Video Wall, Standee

Core Features

Digital Signage Software | DSS

Powerful and useful features, which makes DSS standout, easily customizable and scalable.

Available in DSS & DSS Pro only.
Tagging SystemNEW

Easy Management

Email notification

Multi-level user

Remote monitoring

Wide format support

Custom resolution

Custom orientation

Offline support

Pull technology

Unlimited layout

Remote update

VM support

Streaming Feed

Multi-process engine

Available in DSS PRO only
Frame-Synced playbackNEW


DSP control

Capture card support

Video wall support

Media expiration

Available in DSS CR+ only
Instant switching

Unlimited presets

Drag & drop

Loop presets

Commercial (Business/Industrial Grade)

Digital Signage Display | DSD

Brightness: up to 500nits.
Multi-touch support (optional)
Standee support (optional)
Warranty: up to 5 years.
Single Display

32"~ 86"
Commercial Grade
Landscape or portrait

Configuration: up to 10 x 10
Brightness: up to 700nits.
Bezel to bezel: from 0.88 ~ 3.5mm, 11mm for OLED
Multi-touch support (optional)
Warranty: up to 5 years.
Video Wall Display

47", 49" or 55".
Commercial Grade
Landscape or portrait

Type: Indoor/Outdoor
Brightness: 300nits & above.
Multi-touch support (optional)
Wheels (Optional)
Warranty: up to 3 years (display only)
Ultra Slim Floorstand

49" and 55"
Commercial Grade


Digital Signage Player | DSP

Consumer grade
OS: Debian based Linuxa
Form factor: standard, mini-ITX
Inputs: N/A
Outputs: Single output
Warranty: 1 year
Entry level player

Consumer grade
Single display application
OS: Debian

Commercial grade
OS: Windows 10 family
Form factor: mini-ITX
Inputs: up to 8-ports
Outputs: up to 12-ports
Warranty: up to 3-years
High-end player

Commercial grade
Single, video wall application
OS: Windows 10 Family

Commercial grade
OS: Windows 10 family
Form factor: micro-ATX, 4U
Inputs: up to 32-ports
Outputs: up to 48-ports
Warranty: up to 5-years
Multi-I/O controller

Industrial grade
Video wall, control room application
OS: Windows 10 Family

LG Display ONLY
OS: webOS
Form factor: Built-in
Warranty: up to 5-years
IOT - Built-in Player

Industrial grade
Single display application
OS: webOS, Tizen

Choosing the right software & hardware for your project is important for successful digital signage deployment, we have it right here at Eumedia.
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Professional Focused and Experienced

In more than 10 years as a digital signage company, we have gained great experience in a wide spectrum of technologies, industries, and application types and able to deliver the best value to our customers.

Proven Technology Established Customer Base

We hold proven track records in reliable, mission-critical solutions that provide a competitive advantage to our customers with a diverse customer base across Malaysia & Singapore.

Scalable End to End Solution

We provide a complete range of products and services from consultation, project analysis, software & hardware sales, implementation, customization, training, and ongoing support and maintenance.

Peace of Mind Support & Maintenance

We offer after-sales support and yearly maintenance packages to ensure smooth business operations and customer satisfaction through prompt and quality customer service.

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